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Customized handrail
profile 110×40 mm

LED-handrail U48
Bridge in

In the spa gardens in Bad Mergentheim, an LED handrail was installed for the new Taubertal bridge.
The U48 profile was used here – as a special feature, RGB LEDs were used, with which the light color underlines the mood depending on the event.
Under the project management of the local engineering office ITBS and the cooperation of Schaffitzel Holzindustrie GmbH, 90 meters of illuminated and non-illuminated handrails were installed.

>>Handrail U48

New handrail profile – U40x40

LECCOR completes its handrail portfolio with another type of profile – U40x40. This profile type is available as a project handrail in the usual variety and quality of the already known profiles. > LED handrail U40x40

Handrail U60x40 – Luxembourg

This handrail project was realized with our partner KEY4LIGHT (Belgium) at the Infinity Tower complex in Luxembourg. About 35 handrails with a 60 × 40 profile were installed. Some of the handrails are implemented with LEDs in the U60x40 profile tube and some of the unlit handrails in the rectangular tube 60 × 40. Bild: Werksfoto > LED handrail U60x40

LED handrail U42 – flexible system for hospital in Doha, Qatar

The U42 profile system with LED was used for the handrail lighting of the stairwell at the Hamad Hospital in Doha / Qatar. An important prerequisite for a smooth process was a flexible wall mounting to compensate for structural tolerances. For this, a fastening system was adapted to customer requirements, which is flexible in 3 axes by several centimeters. The components were prefabricated at LECCOR and then assembled in Qatar by local craftsmen according to instructions. Bild: Werksfoto > LED handrail U42

LECCOR Leuchten GmbH 2019 is our 30th Anniversary

2019 is a simbolic year for LECCOR Leuchten GmbH; 30 years ago, the 30th October of 1989, we started operations in a small production hall in the idyllic town of Schwäbisch Hall, Germany. The 25th anniversary is a proof to us that continuous developement and innovation of our products were the right input to establish our brand in lighting business, associated with high quality, power efficiency and long durability. Much has changed in the market since this time but our  guidelines are still the same: Customer focus, reliability and flexibility. These principles shall also be the highest good to conserve for our future.

LIGHTLINE – lighting concept for cementery chapel in Waldenburg, Germany

For the interior lighting of the cemetery chapel in Waldenburg, Germany the LIGHTLINE lighting system with profile 60x40mm was used both as a direct and indirect luminaire. To illuminate the wall as well as the barrel vault of the chapel, the profile was mounted in an angled structure so that a light outlet is directed vertically to the wall in the area between the windows and the upper horizontally to the ceiling. This combination makes it possible to accommodate both wall lighting and ceiling lighting in one profile. Above the altar, two horizontal elongated versions of the luminaire were installed on the ceiling, highlighting the area. Executive architect: Werner Schuch Pictures: Jürgen Weller Fotografie >> LIGHTLINE 510 light columns >> LIGHTLINE 232 VARIO

Lighting of pedestrian zone Neue Markttwiete and Europaplatz in Bad Schwartau/Germany

In the pedestrian zone “neue Markttwiete” and “Europaplatz” in Bad Schwartau, the type FIACCOLA has been opted for as a pole light in a horizontal orientation with tension rod, as well as on the light column in a vertical orientation. The combination of the two lamp types aims at a harmonic light distribution as well as a modern appearance. Pictures: LECCOR >> FIACCOLA 641 pole lights >> FIACCOLA 510 light columns

Lighting of access-areas at the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences

At the access ramps and stairs outside the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences, a continuous lighting concept was sought that complies with the lux-requirements in this area. The single-sided illumination by an LED handrail type U48 from LECCOR with approx. 400lm/m and an asymmetrical emission characteristic sufficed for this. The result can be seen, with more than 200m of LED-handrail, in the dark the access area for pedestrians is already perceived from a distance and identified as illuminated guideline. Pictures: LECCOR >> LED-handrails U48

Alternative applications for LED-handrails

Originally used as construction profile (60x40mm) for LED-handrails, this system is also suitable for the use as illuminated demarcation or bicycle rack. In the remodelling of a supermarket branch in Linz, Austria the challenge was to bring more life into the outdoor area, by creating an inviting ambiance. The key to success was the illumination of the outdoor objects such as the parking space for trolleys and the bicycle racks, which are points of reference for the clients and can now be identified easier from distance. There are almost no limits for creativity regarding the applications of these FIACCOLA lighting profiles, made of stainless steel. The profiles are certified as construction tubes and offer protection categories up to IP67, the LED strip can be selected in medium (400lm/m) or strong (780lm/m), colour temperature available in 3000/4000K, or RGB. Pictures: Wolfgang Lehner >> LED-handrails U60x40 >> DataSheet_QUADRATONE_R60x40

Handrail with integrated effect light

The company Fischer Reinach AG (Aargau, Switzerland) had a particular focus on light for the remodeling of its headquarter. For this project they decided for an extraordinary lighting concepts that definitely did not miss its target. For the stairwell of the office building, a constant and indirect light effect was projected, that should create a welcoming atmosphere, leading staff and visitors to the offices and conference rooms. The solution was a FIACCOLA U48-handrail with asymmetric light beam and reverse fitting, that does not emit the light directly on the stairs as usual, but on the wall, generating a comfortable and smooth light effect on wall and floor. This concept lends itself especially for wall mounted handrails, which can be used furthermore as photometric design element and visual guideline. This system can replace the sometimes complex integration of light strips in wall, ceiling or floor. *Dimming possible, RGB upon request >> LED-handrails

Combination of FIACCOLA DL type 211 and 232

The newly designed headquarter of Modepark Röther GmbH in Michelfeld, Germany appears in new splendour and light. The roofing of the entrance area required a linear lighting solution, horizontally fixed on the roof girder, providing a constant illumination of the entrance area, without lighting against the shop-widow. The solution: a combination of our models FIACCOLA 211 and 232, on one side directly connected with the roof girder by a fork head, and on the other side with a tension bar between holder and roof, equalising the inclination.  >> FIACCOLA  Typ 211 >> FIACCOLA Typ 232

LED flat light ANGOLARE-QR

Novelty – now available! Wall-/ceiling light made of stainless steel, for indoors. Simple design in the basic geometric shapes circle and square, available in two sizes. This light fixture has an extremely robust housing and high grade LED-equippment for long life performance in public, commercial and private indoors. Housing: stainless steel L304/V2A, glass beaded or powder coated in RAL-/DB-colours Diffusor: acrylic satined Illuminant: 1500 / 2500 Lumen (15 / 22 Watt) Luminous colour: 3000 / 4000 K Dimensions: 230 x 230 x 30 /  300 x 300 x 30 Download >> Flyer  ANGOLARE QR

Quadrate light-column COLLONA-Q

Filigree and nevertheless sturdy; the quadrate light-column COLLONA-Q borders the new entrance area of Lycée des Flandres in Hazebrouck, France. The LED-module with its symmetric or asymmetric beam angle enables optimum orientation of the light cone and is suitable for illumination of squares, parks and paths. >> More information Pictures: Damien Allouchery

Distribution partner for Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan

The CIS-states Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan are since many years particulary important for LECCOR; it is therefore all the more fundamental for us to provide to our client a competent partner with experience in the field of lighting, offering on-site consultancy, as well as logistics management, with the objective to enable an efficient realisation of projects. ABV Löwen, with head office in Rietberg, Germany and its network of representatives in the CIS-region is from 2016 our distribution partner, we look forward to a successful collaboration.

New shapes of light outlets, available from February 2016

For over two decades, laser-cutting of stainless steel determines our work significantly and gives us the possibility to create new variations of individual light outlets for bollards and column luminaires. LECCOR provides a wide range of vertical, horizontal, helix, trapezoidal and oval shapes, which can be implemented shortly on customer request, lasered (3D) from stainless steel with millimetre accuracy. The Light outlet does not have to serve necessarily as illuminating area, it can be shaped also as corporate symbol or characters. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us: Phone: +49-791-470 77 e-mail: >> Download: examples of light outlets

LED – GRID PANEL 600/625

LED-panel type 600/625 with completely uniform light distribution, for easy equipment of 600/625 grid ceiling systems by efficient and durable Lumens Co. Ltd. LED-technology. Compliant with: – UGR19 (computer workstations) – UGR23 (office workstations) – UGR22 (sales rooms) Up to 60% energy saving compared to T8 fittings Link to product page > LED – GRID PANEL 600/625


This project luminaire was designed for a SKODA establishment in Schwäbisch Hall, with the objective to satisfy the following requirements · The centered LED luminaires light the whole car-park · Rectangular lenses in the lower part of the pole highlight front and rims of the cars · The shade of green from SKODA’s logo is found again in the 360° illuminated pole-top to intensify the corporate design. This luminaire can be provided in different versions, and was also made with blue pole-top for a Volkswagen establishment.

Project Light MICCADO

MICCADO is the name of our new eye-catcher. This luminaire brings colour into public places, day care centers, schools, hospitals and company doorways. Inspired as the name suggests, by mikado sticks, this is much more than a luminaire, it’s a design element which distinguishes. MICCADO is available in different sizes and colours. Find out which one suits to your project, we will be pleased to advise you!

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