Pole-top luminaire for public / street lighting

Solid aluminium cased luminaire, equipped with highly qualitative and efficient LED illuminants (available with 230V direct connection).

Areas of application:
Streets, public places


  • solid aluminium case
  • horizontal position
  • pole tenon for Ø76 mm (further mountings and diameters on request)
  • single version available
  • trapezoid arrangement of LEDs, combined with reflectors
  • protection glass transparent or non-reflecting
  • 230V direct connection or by mains adapter
  • different light intensities available
  • shock-resistant, dust-proof, water-jet proof IP65
  • electrical safety class 1 or 2

Marks of conformity

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LED580A20600022A20 LED 2x 25 Watt
LED580A40600022A40 LED 2x 40 Watt
LED580A80600022A80LED 2x 80 Watt
LED580A12600022A120 LED 2x 120 Watt

*Technical specifications can change due to improvement of our products.

Further illuminants and light intensities on request.

DataSheet  TABULARE A40 Tandem
DataSheet  TABULARE A80 Tandem
DataSheet  TABULARE A120 Tandem

DataSheet Poles steel stepped
DataSheet Poles stainless steel cylindrical
Brochure poles for TABULARE

Assembly instructions
Assembly instructions  TABULARE A

Fiche technique TABULARE A40 Tandem