Wall luminaire for exterior application

Solid aluminium cased wall luminaire, equipped with highly qualitative and efficient LED illuminant (available with 230V direct connection).

Areas of application: exteriors


  • solid aluminium case
  • mounting: horizontal or angulated
  • trapezoid arrangement of LEDs, combined with reflectors
  • protection glass transparent or non-reflecting
  • 230V direct connection or by mains adapter
  • different light intensities available
  • shock-resistant, dust-proof, water-jet proof IP65
  • electrical safety class 1 or 2

Marks of conformity

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Item-No. Illuminant
Typ A 20 WL LED 25 Watt
LED580A20111PA 100-240 VAC / 24 Volt / 2000 Lumen
Typ A 40 WL LED 40 Watt
LED580A40111PA 100-240 VAC / 24 Volt / 4000 Lumen
Typ A 80 WL LED 2x 40 Watt
LED580A80111PA 100-240 VAC / 24 Volt / 8000 Lumen
Typ A 120 WL LED 3x 40 Watt
LED580A12111PA 100-240 VAC / 24 Volt /12000 Lumen

Further illuminants and information on request.

*Technical specifications can change due to improvement of our products.
DataSheet  TABULARE A40 WL
DataSheet  TABULARE A80 WL
DataSheet  TABULARE A120 WL
Brochure  TABULARE A

Mounting instructions
Mounting instructions  TABULARE A WL

Fiche technique TABULARE A40 WL