The Weckelweiler-workshops in Baden Württemberg, Germany were founded in 1959 and are an institution for individual development and vocational integration of disabled and handicapped persons.

The variegated range of work and apprenticeship opportunities consists of agricultural production, a canteen kitchen, laundry facility, wool production, weaving mill, tailoring, locksmithery, carpentry, workshops for bricklaying, painting, copper handicraft, leather goods, candles and last but not least, lamps.
For decades the lamp-workshop has been designing and producing high-grade light fixtures for interiors. The cooperation between LECCOR and Weckelweiler has the objective to support the work of disabled and handicapped persons, in compliance with the current technical standards of electric lighting products.
For this purpose LECCOR provides its expertise of more than 25 years in manufacturing of luminaires, mentoring the technical part and making the final assembly, as well as the distribution.